Message From Founders

While Serving as a doctor, i have seen rural and slums people need more than just health care. I have seen that rural people need access to basic education, food and little care to be what they want to be.


Dr. Emon Chowdhury, Chairman: Prothom Akkhor Foundation

Dr. Emon Chowdhury believes Educational Handicaps of Slum Children Hope for solving the massive social problems associated with urban poverty appears to center increasingly on improvement in the methods of educating the culturally deprived children of the slums. Educators have long recognized that such children enter school under handicaps not imposed on children of the middle class, that slum children often seem immune to standard instructional programs, and that a relatively large proportion of them quit school early and become misfits and unemployable. Some inevitably drift into delinquency.


Dr. Emon Chowdhury,

Linda attained a Diploma in civil Engineering from Dinajpur Polytechnic Institute (2010-2014). During the tenure of his Undergraduate studies, She worked as a Student Coordinator, cub-Scout from primary school to Rover Region.

Engr. Nusrat Jahan Linda, General Secretary: Prothom Akkhor Foundation

In 2010, Linda left behind the comfortable life and many other privileges that came along with one’s birth in a well to do household. She set out towards something more meaningful than what his society status could offer. Along with a group of young students, Linda founded the PROTHOM AKKHOR Foundation. The PROTHOM AKKHOR Foundation today is dedicated to the betterment of underprivileged and poverty-stricken communities of Bangladesh.

Engr. Nusrat Jahan Linda
General Secretary